Baby Moon Zinc Ointment

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Baby Moon Zinc Ointment is nature's surest method of waterproofing baby's bottom against diaper rash. The element zinc has long been used as a protective barrier on skin against corrosive elements, including liquids against the skin. This wonder ointment fully utilizes zinc's inherent moisture blocking properties and combines it with baby friendly oils, essential oils, and beeswax. It's the ultimate in natural baby barrier ointments!

Directions: Always clean and dry baby's bottom to stop any irritation from occurring. Apply after changing the diaper and cleaning the area. Also can be applied in a thin layer anywhere to protect minor scrapes, burns, bug bites and irritations. If baby already has diaper rash, spend as much time diaper free as possible in order to keep baby dry and allow healing. Cotton or hemp cloth diapers are best for air circulation.