Roll On Essential Oils

Miss Moo Wellness

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Miss Moo Wellness blends are hand crafted and made in small batches to ensure the highest quality product. The roll on blends are pre diluted and ready to use. Natural, safe and effective. 

Zen Kiddo: Ease big emotions and quick moving thoughts. 

Healthy Kiddo: Helps protect your kiddos from seasonal threats. 

Morning Kiddo: This blend was created to be mentally energizing and stimulating. Help with that get up and go attitude in the morning (or during homework)

Tiny Airways: Helps keep respiratory tracks clear and breathing easy. 

Tiny Tummy: Useful for long car rides, regularity and at other times of discomfort. 

Sleepy Baby: Helps soothe those tiny little ones to get a good nights rest. 

Made in Canada