Sensitive Kids Hair Conditioner Bar


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This conditioner bar is specifically formulated for kids. Lightly scented with lavender essential oil to not irritate your kid's sensitive skin and to create a relaxing bath time experience. This bar is also a great detangler for children with long hair.

Product Features: 2 oz. conditioner bar will last 2 to 3 months if allowed to completely dry in between uses

Benefits: ● Lavender essential oil is known to relax and distress as aromatherapy oil and is the perfect choice to use in our conditioner bar.

● 5% of your purchase will be donated towards the Bee and Pollinator Conservation. We proudly support the work of The Xerces Society For Invertebrate Conservation. MamaP Values ● Plastic Free Packaging ● Carbon Neutral Shipping ● Environmentally and Socially Responsible ● Each Purchase Gives back 5% to a cause
Made in China